The Bloody Bride & Groom


One night, I was at home alone, just talking on the phone with my friend about school and stuff.

I had just come upstairs from watching a scary movie and I decided to just relax on my bed. I went to my parents' bedroom to turn the light on (I have to pass it to get to my room). As I turned it on, I saw a disturbing figure as I blinked my eyes.

There, coming towards me faster and faster, was a bride with a bloody and torn up dress holding a knife and grinning at me with fierce eyes. I blinked in horror but every time I blinked she got closer.

Finally I got to my room and just sat on the corner of my bed and told my friend what I had just seen. She didn't believe me but I was still scared and made her promise to stay on the phone with me until my parents got home.

About a week or so later, I was in the washroom washing my face when I heard footsteps coming down the hall. I looked up and coming from my parents' bedroom, was a dark figure. I blinked and I could make out a man in a groom's outfit that was also bloody and torn everywhere. He held a knife high up above his head and grinned menacingly at me. My dad came into the doorway and the image faded away.

I didn't see anything else until my birthday two months later. Me and four of my closest friends were sitting downstairs discussing stuff when my friends got hungry. We decided to go upstairs, but we were going to have to turn on the basement light first. I went first and as I turned it on there was a little girl at the top of the stairs. As if waiting for me, she showed me a small knife and I stared at the torn little dress she wore.

I haven't seen any more things like this, but when I'm alone, or have one person with me, if I listen carefully, I can hear the sound of footsteps coming towards me and sometimes, my friends will be able to see dark figures coming towards them.

By Lysh