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iconA couple of years ago, I was at school and some of my friends were talking about the Bloody Mary myth. Angela dared me to go into the school bathroom and do it. About five of us piled into the bathroom and locked the door. Tamekia turned off the lights and everyone got really quiet. I stood in front of the mirror with everybody surrounding me. I said "Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, I killed your son" 13 times, just like the myth.

Nothing happened so all of us started to chant. We got up to 7 times and then we heard a bang coming from one of the stalls. A small flickering light appeared in front of the mirror, like a candle. It gave us just enough light to see each other. I was looking into the mirror and it looked like Angela was bleeding from her eyes, and Chrystal got a nosebleed.

All of a sudden, the hair on my left side turned red. I normally have curly hair but when it is wet, it goes dead straight. The red part of my hair was totally straight. When I touched it, I realized that my hair was soaked to the point of dripping with BLOOD! I screamed and tried to turn on the lights, but they wouldn't turn on. We tried to unlock the door but the door wouldn't budge.

We heard a high-pitched scream come from the mirror, the lights came on, and the door swung open on its own. We all ran out. To this day, I still have a small scar on the back of my left earlobe that looks like a scratch.

I don't recommend you try to do Bloody Mary at school or even in your own home, but if you do, be careful. Draw a ring of salt around you, and don't break the ring, or step outside of it. It's better to be safe than sorry! As it turns out, we forgot about that ring. By Sarah from Toronto
iconWhen my friend Breanna was having a slumber party, we all sat in the dark telling stories about serial killers like Thomas Hewitt (Texas Chainsaw Massacre), Hannibal Lector, ect. I'm the party booster so I asked my friend Brook to go into the bathroom and do Bloody Mary, knowing that my friends had no idea who she was. After I explained, she agreed, and we went into the bathroom.

We lit a red candle and chanted "Bloody Mary Worth" 10 times. We splashed some water on the mirror, turned around and flushed the toilet. We waited for about 10 minutes. We finally saw her! I tried to be completely still and silent. My friend couldn't. She got so scared and started to hit the mirror. I took the candle and held it up to the mirror to where the flame would burn Bloody Mary. We had put water on the mirror so the flame went out.

It was completely dark and I got really scared. I called Brook's name and all I heard was a faint scream that started to get louder and louder. I put my hands in from of me and felt a body that was freezing cold and soaking wet. My friend Brook was no longer in the bathroom because the person in from of me started to laugh and Brook was banging on the door from the outside. I immediately turned on the light. My hands were covered in blood. I had a huge scar on one hand for 10 years. This is how it looked:

B - year 1
L - year 2
O - year 3
O - year 4
D - year 5
Y - year 6

M - year 7
A - year 8
R - year 9
Y - year 10

And now I am trapped inside of a mirror world... Just kidding, but if you do what I did your best friend might die. Goodbye to my friend, who got stabbed exactly a year ago from today on Friday the 13th of February. I am not lying about anything and I want you all to be wary of the decisions you make. By Angel

iconThis is a real experience I had a few years ago. I was having a sleepover with my friend and my sister. We love to play pranks on each other and do scary things. Well, it was late at night and we decided to see if Bloody Mary was real. We only decided to do this because there are rumors she died at the school we went to at the time.

We went into my bathroom and turned out all the lights. We turned around in circles, maybe seven times, and said "Bloody Mary". The next thing I know my sister and my friend screamed and ran out of the bathroom. I went out and asked what was wrong and they said they saw her behind me with a knife. I didn't see her because I wasn't facing the mirror. Since then, I have believed in her and other stories like this. By Brooke
iconMy friends and I were in 6th grade and we went on a field trip to Glenn Maury Park for the last day of school. We played some games and then went to eat lunch. After that, seven of us asked if we could go to the bathroom. We all got to go and my friend, Brittany, brought a video camera with her. She turned it on. Then, we turned all the lights off in the bathroom and said, "Bloody Mary" 3 times and spun in circles while saying it. We were facing the mirror and we opened our eyes and there was a figure in the mirror that was bloody and staring right at us! Everyone ran out and Brittany got the video but there was something strange on that video. It showed a white figure sweep across the screen briefly! Nobody could figure out what it was and we never went back in that bathroom again! By Tabby
iconAt school, I went to the bathroom and checked if anyone was in there. It was empty so I closed the stall door. Five minutes later, I heard a whimper. I took a peek and saw the new girl. Mary Lobodytimvic always looked terrified, tired, and hungry. Whenever she ate, it was in huge doses but it never showed. I would have said "hi" in the bathroom but I realized what she was doing. In mute horror, I saw her arm being sucked into the mirror. I tried to look in the mirror but it was the color of blood. I wasn't sure but I thought I saw the silhouette of a woman. At that very second, her arm came out of the mirror, covered with scars. She put her sleeve down and stared into the mirror.

"Now you have made sure that this room is empty?" an angry lady's voice screeched. "Yes," Mary said timidly. "Because if someone was caught watching, I would have to kill them in front of of you. You know I am very happy that you made the deal with me," the voice replied. "I was just five, I didn't know about witchcraft," Mary explained. "Well, it's too late now! You wanted to live forever! You wanted to leave your parents behind and you wanted them to die slowly, each and every year that passed they would get older while you were eighteen forever!" The voice screeched again.

"You didn't tell me what I had to do! All of my friends wasted away too, I just wanted my parents to die," Mary yelled". "You know what happens when you yell at me Mary. Now I will have to punish you," the voice yelled back. Back and forth it went until finally it stopped and Mary left. When I saw her again, she was in class. I didn't notice until now that when you unscramble mary lobodytimvic, it becomes bloody mary victim. By Bozzytotem
iconI was at the laptop and I was reading the Bloody Mary stories on your website and was reading the one where they chant "b-mary, b-mary, b-mary please may we speak to b-mary". As I read it, I read it aloud. The moment I finished saying it, there was a thump, thump on the French doors behind me and I saw the reflection of a dark figure on the computer. When I spun around, there was nothing there. By Bozzytotem
iconSo I wandered to the site and was reading through the stories, but the one I grew up with was much, much different. I don't recall how I ever heard about it but I was told that if you go into your bathroom at midnight and lock the door, you could see her. You had to spin around three times and say her name three times. When you do, you look into the mirror, and Mary would supposedly appear. She'd then ask you three questions. If you got one wrong, she'd scratch you, long marks that'd go across your back. If you got all three wrong, you'd die. If you got them right, well, I don't know what would happen. I never did it at midnight. By Amber from Alabama
icon When I was in the bathroom saying "Bloody Mary" three times, the third time it felt like a sharp claw was going down my back. When I came out, I looked and there was a long DEEP cut on my back. By Tiffany

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