The Clown Statue


It was Halloween night and a young couple were invited to their co-worker's Halloween party.

They hired a young teenager named Maria to babysit their eight-month-old baby. It was about 9:30 pm when the couple left the house. At around 10:30, the baby fell asleep. After Maria tucked the baby in to sleep, she went to go lie down in the couple's bedroom to watch TV, because they had a big screen in their room.

Once she started watching TV, she noticed a life-sized clown statue in the corner. The statue was kinda creeping her out, so she got a sheet from the closet and covered it. She went to go lie down again, feeling partly relieved. An hour later, she fell asleep. A couple of minutes after she fell asleep, she heard a "thump". She thought something just fell off a shelf in the closet. She was so tired she just ignored it and went back to sleep.

Then, the phone rang downstairs. She went to go answer it and all she heard was heavy breathing. She hung up, thinking it was just a prank call from some of her friends. As she turned to go back upstairs, it rang again. This time she answered and said, "You guys better knock it off!" After she said that, she heard a voice say, "I'm closer than you think," in a scratchy, male voice.

She was frightened and ran upstairs. After 10 minutes passed, there was another "thump," but it was a little louder this time. Maria knew that it didn't come from the closet. Then the phone rang again, so she ran downstairs quickly. She answered it and said," Please, just leave me alone!" The unknown male voice said sarcastically, "Hey, I'm warning the police".

She ran upstairs and hid under the blankets. After 20 minutes passed, She heard the loudest "THUMP". She was so scared but she was the babysitter. She was going to get up and check on the baby when... SLASH! The clown chopped her head off. As the neighbors heard the screams, they were calling the police.

When the police arrived, it was silent. They didn't find anything downstairs, so they went upstairs. They noticed that all the doors were wide open except for the master bedroom. The door was shut. The police were astonished when they found a strangled baby and a headless girl crammed into the closet. When they closed the closet, they noticed a chair next to a window in the corner of the room. It was dark so they couldn't see very well. They went over to turn on the lights and found Maria's head on the chair with a butcher knife next to it. The policed were especially astonished to find a note saying,

"I warned you guys, didn't I?" - Signed, Prisoner

It turns out that the clown was a murderer that escaped from prison. - By Sadie