Army Medic Costume Ideas

If you want to wear a more unique costume for Halloween, why not choose to be an army medic?

The importance of the job cannot be overstated and the costume should be fairly easy to put together if you look in all the right places.


Whether you're male or female, you can set yourself apart from civilian medical personnel by wearing a camouflage uniform, with shades of greens or tans and browns. If you're not into camouflage, look for a uniform that is a solid shade of tan or green. Or, go with both. Put on a camouflage uniform and a solid-colored scrub jacket.

To look "official", wear an armband with a red cross and/or a flag patch on the sleeve. Something that you should also have is a stethoscope around your neck, which will signify that you're a doctor or medical professional. Make yourself known with a white nametag, preferably laminated or in a clear plastic holder.


There are several more things you can carry or wear so that you look more like an army medic and not a combat soldier. Consider looking in the costume section of your favorite store for a doctor costume that comes complete with props. You will most definitely find a fake stethoscope and perhaps a surgical mask and other medical props.

Carry a first-aid kit labeled as such to make it look like you're on the job. Don a pair of latex gloves (if you're not allergic) and it will look like you're ready for surgery. Latex gloves usually come with a real first-aid kit or you can find some at a pharmacy. Ask anyone who colors their hair for a pair. Almost all hair-coloring and highlighting kits come with them and are not always used.

Shoes and Hat

If you're going to be "working" near the front lines, wear combat boots or work boots. Other options are oxfords, black or brown shoes, or sneakers if you're at a loss. Top things off with a hard hat, crew hat, soft cap or a bandana that is camouflage or a solid color that compliments your costume.