Biker or Biker Babe Costume


Biker clothing is distinctive and easy to recognize because of a combination of clothing, accessories, and the prominent color black.

Putting together your own homemade Biker costume for Halloween is fairly easy because the biker styles are still popular today and can found in stores. Some specialty stores accommodate motorcycle enthusiasts and have large selections.

However, shopping at those stores can get costly, quick. Unless you know someone that has the items you need and are willing to lend them out, your best option is to pick and choose which items to invest in and which ones to skimp on.

Biker Dude

Below are clothing and accessories characteristic to bikers. (Chances are, you'll find something for your costume that you'll choose to keep and wear now and then. There's plenty of cool stuff)!

  • Black leather jacket or vest
  • T-shirt (try Harley Davidson or skull and crossbones)
  • Black pants (leather) or jeans
  • Black boots or shoes
  • Choker (studded if possible)
  • Black belt
  • Chunky Jewelry
  • Sunglasses
  • Bandana
  • Fake tattoo (or real!)
  • Black cap or hat
  • Gloves

Biker Babe

To be a sexy biker babe, choose from the list above and the variations below.

  • Black shorts, pants
  • Tall boots, fishnet stockings
  • Tattoo or Tee shirt
  • Vest, bodice


Bikers come from all walks of life, some full-time, some part-time. Thus, just about anything goes for hair. If you don't think your hair will work, choose a wig or utilize a bandana and tie it in back. Guys, you can be clean-shaven or grow out a mustache and beard. a five-o'clock shadow might just be ideal and the chicks will love it.