Bird Watcher Costume

girl with binoculars

Why not harmonize yourself with nature and be a bird watcher for Halloween?

You can put the costume together in no time because all you need is everyday clothing that you probably already have or clothing that is easy to find at your local thrift store. Accessories are minimal but binoculars are a must in order to distinguish the outfit as birdwatcher or safari garb.

What really helps is that enthusiastic bird-watchers go out in all kinds of weather, rain or shine. This will give you the flexibility you need to dress according to the weather on Halloween night. Here are some more ideas for a costume that will have you looking like a serious watcher for our fine-feathered friends.


Of course, bird-watchers hang out in areas where they will find birds, and that is usually wooded areas. Because of this, they wear clothing that is practical and comfortable. Some may wear a little camo but primarily, it’s earth tones. Emulate this by wearing pants or carpenter pants that are either, khaki, brown, or olive green. If you want to bare your legs, opt for safari or walking shorts, but not too short!

For your shirt, again, stick with natural colors. White, tan, or green but be sure to match your outfit. Wear a regular, button-up shirt or camp shirt with pockets. October evenings are chilly so a khaki jacket with lots of pockets will keep you warm just like birdwatchers out on the trail!

There are a few types of shoes that will look authentic. Clogs, hiking boots, oxfords, or canvas tennis shoes. The color of the shoes will help contribute to your overall costume so try to match them to your pants or jacket. Wear socks the color of your shoes or pants.


Top off your bird-watcher costume with a few useful things that will help make your ensemble recognizable. Something that will shade your eyes and protect your face from the sun. Look for a straw hat, bill cap, or beret-type hat. If you have long hair, pull it back and tie it into a ponytail before putting on the hat.

Binoculars are perhaps the most essential tool for birdwatching but for the costume, a cheap, lightweight pair that has a neck strap will do. Other, optional accessories are a canteen with a strap and a field guide for birds (yes, that’s is just a bird book).