Caveman Halloween Costume


Want to learn how to dress up as a caveman for Halloween?

It’s not that hard, whether you want to look like Fred Flintstone or one of the GEICO cavemen. Here are some pointers that could help you win the costume contest and still be comfortable while "in costume".

The Toga

The toga is a big part of the caveman outfit. You can find animal print fabric or fake fur in practically any department store. You will need enough of the fabric to wrap around your body and create a shoulder strap. There are easy to follow patterns online. You don’t have to be a seamstress. There are really only a couple of seams and you can do it with a machine or a needle and thread. Cutting the edges of the fabric in an uneven manner will make the toga look older and more realistic. If you don’t want to make it yourself, you can buy these togas from a costume shop.

If your party is indoors, you can wear a coat over your costume and leave it at the door. If you will be outside, you’ll want to hope for warm weather. Another solution to stay warm is to wear a fake fur on top of your animal print toga. A pair of shorts under the toga will help too.

The Shoes

There are a few types of shoes that will look authentic. Clogs, hiking boots, oxfords, or canvas tennis shoes. The color of the shoes will help contribute to your overall costume so try to match them to your pants or jacket. Wear socks the color of your shoes or pants.

The Club

Every good caveman has a club! You can get a plastic club from a costume shop or go out in the woods and find a suitable tree branch. Some costume shops have large plastic bones that can be used for this purpose.

The Hair

Unless you have long hair that you can “style” to be wild and bushy, you will probably want to invest in a wig. Of course, Fred Flintstone had a short hairstyle. So, the hair is really up to you. Wig and fake beard combinations similar to the hairstyles of the GEICO cavemen are available from online costume shops.

The Accessories

Leather bracelets and strips of leather around your bicep can add to your costume. A necklace made from a strip of leather with one or more animal teeth threaded onto it is a good touch. Bone beads, mini bones and fake animal teeth are available from craft stores and many costume stores also have them.

Now that you know how to dress up as a caveman for Halloween, you’re ready to go win the costume contest. Have fun!