Farmer Costume (Homemade)

A farmer costume is probably one of the easiest ones to put together with little advance notice for Halloween. When you think of an old-time farmer, you probably conjure up the common cliché -- an older guy with a flannel shirt, overalls, and a straw hat.

It should be noted that many farmers don't fit the stereotype any more (as far as hair and clothing) but it's exactly that stereotype that will make you instantly recognized as a farmer (or his wife, or his daughter). Don't confuse the farmer with the cowboy, the two are different as far as styles go. Farmers are not usually "western". If you want a western style, consider being a rancher.


Some of the clothing you will need to be a farmer may already be in your closet. If not, try to find the clothing well-worn and possibly faded. Look around for ideas. Borrow if you need to or look to buy it "used". This adds authenticity and saves you money.

Your long-sleeved shirt should be flannel. Primary colors work best, such as red, blue, or yellow. A plaid shirt is suitable and easy to find. Most of these shirts have buttons down the front and are typical to a farmer.

Denim overalls are ideal but if you can't find any, go with a worn pair of jeans with suspenders. Add patches accordingly. In addition, you can put a handkerchief partially in your pocket, leaving part of it visible. Or, you can utilize a bandana but keep in mind, it is leaning towards the western/cowboy style if you tie it around your neck.

Your shoes should be black or brown work boots. Again, worn and dirty-looking is preferable. Just make sure they're comfortable because chances are, you'll be standing and walking quite a bit.

Woven straw hats are popular for work because they allow the head to "breathe". They come in different styles but you'll probably have to wear what you can find. An American-style hat will actually look the best. Make sure that your hat is not in perfect condition. Beat it up a little and bend the brim up. For a more modern look, wear a bill cap with an implement brand or dealer logo on it instead.


Messy, wind-blown hair is difficult to avoid if you're a farmer. The haircut is usually simple and choppy (another stereotype). If you don't want to wear a wig, consider using your natural hair and changing the style. If you're female, you can put it up into ponytails or pigtails. Don't put them too high if you're wearing a hat as this will interfere with placement.

If you're male, you may consider growing out some funky sideburns in advance. You might want to refrain from shaving and wear a "five 'o clock shadow," which is characteristic to a farmer, who works long days in the field.

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