Gypsy or Fortune Teller Costume


One of the most popular female costumes is that of a gypsy or fortune teller.

It’s easy to make a homemade costume with items of clothing that you already have. Other items and props can be found in a second-hand store or discount store. Let’s start with a traditional female gypsy costume. Here are some ideas for a costume:


Peasant blouse

Long skirt

Shawl or vest (optional)

Wide belt, chain belt or sash (optional)

Lace-up shoes or boots, high heels

Gypsies love bright colors so choose some for your wardrobe. It’s your choice whether to be sexy or not, both can look authentic. This costume is not just for women though, men can also be a gypsy with a few modifications such as trousers instead of a skirt combined with masculine jewelry.


Long hair or wig, preferably black or dark brown

Head scarf

Gaudy costume jewelry

False eyelashes

Lots of makeup – colorful cream eye shadow and blush. Black eyeliner for guys.

To make a gypsy costume into a fortune teller costume, you can add a prop such as tarot cards or a crystal ball. Be prepared to tell a few (good) fortunes or others may claim you’re a fraud!