Lifeguard Costume Ideas

If you're dead-set on being a lifeguard for Halloween, chances are that you will have difficulty finding a pre-made costume in stores or online. After searching, you may discover that you will need to create your own "homemade" lifeguard costume.

Depending on what you can find, you will need to decide if you want to dress in modern or old-time swimwear. If you wish to turn back the clock and portray a certain era, you may need to ask around. Perhaps family and friends have some old swimsuits or trunks in their attics. If not, check out your local Salvation Army, Goodwill, or second-hand stores. If you can't find what you need, ask the clerks, they may know where to look or have some ideas to help you suit up.

Portraying a modern lifeguard is much easier as you can already use what you have and add a few accessories. If you need a few more items, get them as soon as possible, before all summer items and swimwear is sold out on clearance sales. Otherwise, you may need to shop online and pay top prices.


Below is a list of props and things you can do to look more authentic/official. Pick and choose:

  • Tan - Use sunless tanning lotion or get a professional airbrush tan at the salon.
  • Sarong - Lifeguards are in the sun for hours on end and need to take precautions to protect their skin. If you're buff, you can remove it later on.
  • Hat - Wear a hat for the same reason as above. If you're a woman, choose a wide-brimmed hat that won't easily slip off.
  • Sunglasses - A must-have for any lifeguard. Choose a pair with lighter lenses so that you can see indoors.
  • Hand Towel - You can throw it over your shoulder or tuck it into your swimming trunks if you're a man.
  • Footwear - Wear something such as sandals or flip-flops that can be removed easily.
  • Whistle - What lifeguard doesn't wear a whistle? It's a must-have to complete your costume.

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