Little Red Riding Hood Costume

little red riding hood

If you’re not afraid of the big, bad wolf, Little Red Riding Hood is who you should be.

Planning this costume is easy, whether it’s homemade or store bought. You really can convince everyone that you are full of innocence and goin’ to grandma’s house if you dress the part and watch your back.

What’s really fun about this costume is that it can be one-half of a couple’s costume if you have a sidekick wanting to dress up as the big bad wolf. Add grandma and you have group costumes for three! Here are some ideas for Little Red Riding Hood. Depending on your age, you can go with the young girl look or if you’re older, a sexy look that will attract extra attention.

Red Cape with Hood

A cape is the most important part of this costume! It must be red and it must have a hood. The material or length is your preference or what you can find. Ideally, the cape and the dress should be close to the same length. Most people will find the cape first and plan the rest of the outfit around it.


Store-bought costumes are usually white, red, and black. Sometimes they have an apron. Since the cape is what distinguishes the costume, you have several options if you’re going homemade. Keeping it simple, you can choose an all black, all blue, all white or all red dress. Or you can mix and match blouse and skirt. If it’s super cold out, you could even wear a pantsuit or separates.


Old-fashioned buckle or school shoes work best but if you’re going for the sexy look, wear pumps. Look for red or black to match your costume. If you’re concerned about your feet hurting, bring along a pair of slippers in one of the same colors to slip into later on for comfort. Wear your shoes over tights, socks, sexy stockings, or panty hose.


Blonde, brunette, or redhead, wear your hair down with waves or curls. You can wear two pony tails but do not opt for braids or you may be confused with Pippi Longstocking. Choosing an updo or high ponytails will probably interfere with your hood so keep your head clear of piled hair or barrettes.


You wouldn’t be Little Red Riding Hood if you weren’t carrying a basket to grandma’s house. Choose a lightweight basket with a handle that’s easy to carry. A picnic basket will work too but keep it simple. Line the basket with cloth napkins. You can use your basket as a handbag but don’t carry anything valuable in it because it won’t be very secure. If you want the basket to match your costume better, consider tying a red ribbon or bow on the handle.


Be careful that you don’t somehow end up with a light blue dress, ponytails, and red shoes. Regardless of a red cape, you could end up looking like Dorothy (sans Toto) from the Wizard of Oz if you choose two or three of these options together.