Dead Prom Queen Costume Ideas

zombie queen

If you want to be the dead belle at the ball you're going to have to look the part and identify with the living dead to be believable.

Because we all know that dead people just don't get up and walk around unless they're... well... zombies. It's not a flattering part by any stretch of the imagination but it's a popular idea for teenage girls that gets plenty of attention.

What's great about this costume is that it's easy to put together a homemade one. All you need is formalwear, a few accessories, a bit of gore, and the guts to play the part. Some of us gals can be a bit proud and really don't relish the thought of looking not so hot, but October 31st is the perfect time to throw vanity aside and float around with other "undesirables" on Halloween night.


Before you get started, you will need to decide how you met your demise and build your costume around it. If you want blood, you should make yourself the victim of a violent crime. Everyone loves a great tragedy on Halloween and yours should be no exception. Perhaps it was a lover's spat or simply being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

The weapon of choice will determine the wounds. Your costume will be much more interesting if you have a story. Obviously you can forgo the gore and be a pale, picture-perfect dead prom queen, but that may not win you the prize in a costume contest.

Prom Dress

You're  going to need a formal prom dress. It doesn't have to be immaculate because you're going to get it dirty. If you want to be convincing, pick one that fits well because what girl would go to her prom wearing an ill-fitting gown? It just doesn't work well. Shoes should be formal and comfortable, just like the dress.


Sash - You can make your own get one online.

Tiara - Usually you can find a tiara in the seasonal section at any local store that sells Halloween costumes. If not there, look in the toy department.

Flowers - You'll need to be creative. A bouquet of dead flowers or black silk flowers are quite complimentary to dead prom queens and add a nice gothic touch. Don't want to carry them around? Wear a corsage or wrist corsage.

Dig up some costume jewelry to add glamour. A real prom queen wouldn't be caught dead (no pun intended) without some bling. Got stuff to carry? By all means, carry a small handbag, but make it fancy. Formal gloves add a nice touch too and can come in handy on a cold autumn night.


Hair should be styled like any prom queen would style her hair but it should be messy to portray a fierce struggle or trip from the grave. Better yet, add a few small sticks and leaves to your tangled tresses for the true dead prom queen look.


Pat your face pale with Halloween makeup. A kit will help you create a dramatic, lifeless look. To mimic sunken eyes, choose brown underneath and around the area and blend well. Lips can very pale or covered with black lipstick.

Wounds should be made up on exposed area(s) with plenty of fake blood to go with them. Use common sense here. You should have it dripping from the wounds and onto your dress but you have to place it strategically. You don't want it rubbing off on furniture, car seats, or other people (Cinderella would not appreciate that!)

Paint your fingernails black and your toenails too if they'll be showing. It's okay if the nail polish chips, contrary to a living prom queen, perfection is not your goal.

Finally, find a date to the dance. There's no one more appropriate than a dead prom king. After all, misery loves company.