Punk Rocker Costume Ideas

Expose your wild side by being a punk rocker for Halloween! Whether you're and adult or child, you can easily create your own rocker costume and add some funky gothic and grunge accessories, depending on how "mixed" you want to be.

If you don't care to buy a complete costume, you can put together a homemade one that will make you the life of the party! The following lists ideas for a stereotypical punk rocker costume.

Clothing and Outfit

Remember, black is the primary color that most rockers wear. Combine black with other dark colors and you can convince even the most skeptical people that you are really a punk rocker, if only for a night. You can mix 'n match the items below to put together your costume:

  • A short, plaid skirt if you're a woman. If you're a guy, look for plaid pants. If you can't find any, you can wear some well-worn jeans. Add rips and holes.
  • For a woman, look for a black tank top or sleeveless black shirt. Men can wear the same or choose a band t-shirt.
  • Black, fishnet stockings to go with your skirt.
  • Shoes can be anything from mid-shin or high boots (preferably black) to army boots to high-top sneakers.
  • Arm-warmers are a nice touch but optional. These leave the hands exposed. Or, you can find some black, elbow gloves and cut out the finger areas.


Think wild on color. Pink, orange, blue, purple, two-tone, or streaked. Much of it depends on how far you want to take it. You can buy a wig or use your natural hair which may leave you with some undesired color and style come November 1st. If you want to spray in color, cans of colored hair spray can be found in the Halloween section in most stores. Punk rockers don't fake it so if you really want to look authentic, use a temporary hair color and dye it the desired color.

Punk Rocker Makeup

You can be very creative with your makeup. You need black, and lots of it. Preferably, choose real makeup as opposed to Halloween makeup because the latter has a tendency to rub off and get on furniture, car seats, etc., and is difficult to wash out. Apply a pale foundation and add black eye-shadow, thick eyeliner, and black lipstick. You can also make your eyebrows darker and/or thicker with the eyeliner pencil. Set your makeup with translucent, loose powder. Don't forget to apply black nail polish to your fingernails whether your male or female.


This is the fun part where you can really go all out. Of course you don't need all of them to be a rock star, just wear what you can find:

  • Wide choker necklace or studded dog collar
  • Belt charms
  • Billfold with chain
  • Hip chain
  • Cuff bracelet or watch
  • Wrist bands
  • Large belt buckle
  • Body jewelry such as large earrings, a nose ring, eyebrow ring, a lip ring
  • Tattoos, real or fake

More Costume Ideas