Rodeo Clown Costume How-To

rodeo clown

A rodeo clown is no ordinary clown.

Along with the flashy attire comes a dangerous job, that of distracting agitated bulls and horses from the rider when he takes a fall, allowing him to escape safely. You can probably make your own rodeo clown costume, but chances are that you'll have seek out a few things to complete the outfit.

Being realistic is easy because no two rodeo clowns are alike and many take pride in looking original. Two things here are crucial. Bright-colored clothing and clown makeup. Just how funny and elaborate you want to be is up to you.


To be the star of the show, look for loose, bright clothing that clashes. Anything that attracts attention. A rodeo clown wears loose clothing to allow for protective padding underneath but you can wear some knee or elbow pads on the outside if you wish. Keep this minimal and don't overdo it.

Your shirt can be western or bright and baggy. Fringe adds a nice touch but it's by no means necessary. If you can find a silly pattern such as polka dots, all the better. Keep in mind that a long-sleeved shirt will look more authentic.

If you don't have access to baggy-type clown pants, you can settle on blue jeans. Some clowns will use skirts with wild, knee-high socks or just wear a skirt over their pants. One common factor is suspenders. The brighter the better.

Wearing a bandana is optional. Bandanas are great accessories because they usually have patterns and allow for more diversity and color. Loosely tie one around your neck or let it hang from a pocket in lieu of a scarf.


If you can't find a large, colorful hat, you can dress your costume up with a western-style felt or straw hat. One in a natural color will work, just add some color by tying some scarves around the brim. Many rodeo clowns also tie scarves around their biceps or let them flow from the waist. A wig is another fun choice, but again, it's optional.


This may be the most difficult item to find. Elaborate clown shoes are more for show than practicality and are not mandatory. Boots or tennis shoes will also work. Find an old pair and add a design with acrylic paint. Swap your basic shoe strings with wild ones.


You can find clown makeup for your face in most stores that carry Halloween costumes. Rodeo clowns typically have a white base with exaggerated features, just like circus clowns. Use your imagination!