School Girl Costume

school girl outfit

If you want to be a school girl for Halloween, you first need to decide whether you want to be naughty or nice.

Most of the costumes available online are overtly sexy and look quite preppy. If you want to tone it down a bit or save some money, consider putting your own costume together and gaining a bit more control.

If you're not a whiz at the sewing machine, the following are suggestions for putting together a "homemade" costume that will make you look like a traditional school girl. Of course, you can alter what you need to look either prim and proper or a bit on the wild side.

Clothing, Outfit, Uniform

The stereotype of a school girl comes from those who wear uniforms, such as those assigned to private and catholic students. As always suggested for saving money, try checking your local Goodwill or second-hand clothing stores for either a uniform (difficult to find an adult size) or separate garments to put together the outfit, consisting of the following:

  • A short, pleated skirt (plaid, if possible, for a catholic, private school look.
  • A white, button-down shirt, or one that will match the skirt, preferably light in color.
  • A necktie adds formality (optional).
  • Stockings (thigh-highs for the sexy look) or ankle socks.
  • Saddle shoes, pumps, or platform shoes, preferably in black and/or white.


Long hair is ideal because you can pull it into side pony tails, one pony tail, or pig tails, which are all typical hairstyles of school girls. Wear visible pony tail holders and pull your hair tight enough just to look strict, but still be comfortable. If your hair is short, use barrettes on each side pulling back short sections.


School girls are not adults so it's important to keep your makeup on the light side. Eye shadow should be kept simple. Consider a light shadow, all one shade. For lips, light-colored lipstick topped with lip gloss will add color and a young look. Today's girls often wear glitter gloss which is certainly appropriate for modern look.


If you wish, you can carry a notebook with a pencil or pen. Complete your costume with the ultimate prop, bubble gum. Chomp away!