The Haunted Cruise

cruise ship

Just this summer, my grandparents paid for my entire family to go on a cruise.

The extended family was included, so I got to see all of my cousins. I still hung out with cousins that I usually see, and lucky for us, there were no adults in our ship rooms. My girl cousin and I shared one room and my brother shared one with two boy cousins that I'm close to.

All of us being teenagers, (except for me, but I can still talk with them at their level) we stayed up to 3:00am together just about every night. One night, my girl cousin was sick and my brother, one of my boy cousins, and I were alone, walking around the ship.

This late at night, the main elevators were closed, so we had to take the glass elevators. At that moment, we were on level 7 and decided to go down to level 3 because they have interesting stuff there. Everyone knows if someone pushes the elevator to go to level 3 when you’re on level 7, it will go there first instead of a lower level.

The next thing we knew, we were going to the bottom floor, and I mean the below sea level floor! It's hard to tell the difference because the boat doesn’t sway at all. When we got the bottom, nothing happened at first.

It was the last night of the cruise and there were about 12 luggage trolleys there. However, the next second a trolley, which was slightly away from the rest, started to move in a perfectly straight line away from us. Everyone knows those things are hard to steer because the wheels were turned in a sideways direction, sharply un-turned then started moved.

Then, a nearby trolley started to move with the wheels un-turning first, but this trolley was moving towards the elevator where we still stood. With sudden fear coming over me, I pushed the button so the elevator would close. Just as I did, the main elevators (which weren’t working) opened up and a crew member stepped out. That was all we saw before the doors closed, bringing us to the third floor. After that experience, we went to my room to tell my sick cousin the story.

There are many explanations for this story, but none of them make sense. Even though that man was a crew member, he still couldn’t have gone on the main elevator (the elevator doesn’t know who he is). Also, the boat wasn’t moving at all and it was the calmest night at sea.

That couldn’t have made the trolleys move. Even if it was that, the trolleys would have moved back and forth not in two going straight-lined in opposite directions at he same time, while all of the other trolleys stood still. That wouldn’t explain how the wheels un-turned by themselves and also why the elevator took us down there in the first place.

By Father Christmas