Halloween Decorating Guides

Amongst the falling leaves and colorful landscape is a chill in the air that’s not just mother nature. It’s a haunting aura that’s a precursor to Halloween. Besides that, there’s the desire to decorate in a unique way that will make your home or yard super scary.

The following guides will help you creep it up for a party or trick-or treaters. With traditional or homemade decorations and a few properly placed props, you’ll be set up for a frightfully fun Halloween.

iconCarving a Jack-O-Lantern
How to pick the best pumpkins from the pumpkin patch and carve it up into a perfect jack-o-lantern decoration for Halloween.
iconFog Machines
They're now very affordable props and easy to use! Learn all you need to know when buying and operating a fog machine.
iconHalloween Outdoor Decorating Ideas
Pumpkins, bats, and ghosts -- Oh my! Here are some inexpensive ways to make your yard look spooky that the kids will have fun with.
iconHalloween Party Decorating
Get your party on with an array of ideas for decor that's suitable for outdoor or indoor displays.
iconHow to Make a Scarecrow
Using common household items, you can add an extra guest to your party with a homemade scarecrow that will surely create a buzz.