The Dripping Tap: Drip... Drip... Drip...


There once was a woman who lived all alone, except for the company of her beloved canine friend.

Every night the dog would curl up in his basket beside his bed where he slept, and every night the dog would lick her hand to say goodnight. One night, she woke up in the middle of the night to hear a "drip...drip...drip.." sound coming from somewhere in the house.

She got out of bed, and went into the kitchen where she tightened the tap. Then she went back to bed, the dog licked her hand goodnight and she went back to sleep.

Another hour later she woke up again and once again she heard the consistent "drip...drip...drip" sound. She got out of bed and this time went into the bathroom where she tightened the tap. After feeling that this time she had done the trick she went back to bed, received a lick on the hand and went to sleep.

The next time she woke up, morning had dawned. She got out of bed, and made her way to the bathroom. Although when she entered the bathroom, she was greeted by a shocking sight. Her dog was hanging from the shower curtain, and it's blood was still going "drip...drip....drip..." - By April