Get Organized for Halloween: 10 Spooktacular Tips

october checklist

Ghosts, witches, goblins and black cats...

yes, it's Halloween once again. Here are 10 tips to ensure this holiday is a fun one for your and your family.

1) Make a List

Make a checklist of everything you'd like to do for Halloween -- such as making/getting costumes, having a party, attending a festival, carving a pumpkin, getting some scary books or videos at the library and taking the kids trick-or-treating, safety precautions, and baking pumpkin pie.

2) Decorate for the Season

It's time to pull out your tried-and-true Halloween decorations from year's past. If they're not in one organized place this year, be sure you put them all in one organized place for next year when you're done with them.

3) Find the Festivities

Using the Web and your local newspapers, find out what Halloween festivities are happening in your area. Schedule some outings for your family and enjoy the season. Apple picking, pumpkin picking and hay rides are popular this time of the year.

4) Search Your TV Listings

Search through your TV listing and make a schedule of all Halloween programs and cartoons you wish to watch. If the family can't be together when a particular program is airing, video tape it and watch it together later on.

5) Buy Ahead of Time

Pick up Halloween treats at the supermarket now so you're ready for trick-or-treaters.

6) Organize Treats into Treat Bags

Spend time before Hallowing, placing an assortment of treats into each treat bag (or plastic baggie). Every trick-or-treater will then get an equal amount of treats.

7) Organize a Halloween Party

If you plan to have a Halloween party at your house, plan for the party ahead of time. Make a list of everything you plan to do, and everyone you wish to invite. Be sure to get the invitations out early. Begin preparing meals and baking before October 31st.

8) Get Ready for Parties You're Attending

If you already have plans to go to a Halloween party elsewhere, determine what you'll need to bring to the party. Will you need to bring food? Find out what dish you'll be bringing, and determine if it can be prepared ahead of time. Need a costume? Begin making one now, or be sure to hit the costume shops early, while you still have time.

9) Send Out Halloween Greetings

Halloween is a great time of year to keep in touch with family and friends. Send Halloween greetings in the mail, or save money and send e-mail greetings.

10) Enjoy the Season

Go outdoors and enjoy the fall foliage. Take a walk in the brisk air. Enjoy your neighbors' Halloween decorations around town. Take some photos for your memory book. After all, this holiday doesn't linger after October 31st -- you'll be heading right into the holiday season!

By Maria Gracia - FREE Idea-Pak and E-zine filled with tips, ideas, articles and more to help you organize your home, your office and your life at the Get Organized Now! web site!