The Hook Urban Legend

hook hand

As with any urban legend, the stories are similar.

They stray off a little from each other, and add it's own elements of surprise. This makes it very difficult to know which one was the original. This is the first one I heard:

A teenage couple drove to Lover's Lane and were making out when the music was interrupted with a special bulletin. The radio announcer said that there was a mass murderer who had just escaped from the local insane asylum and was on the loose. The announcer then urged everyone to "be on the lookout" and stay indoors.

Immediately, the girl was frightened and she urged her boyfriend to take her home. He insisted that everything was okay and continued to kiss her. She heard a strange thumping noise, pulled away, and insisted they leave. Although he was irritated, he realized that the mood was broken and drove her on home.

When they arrived at her house, her door was stuck and wouldn't open. When the boy walked around to her side of the car to let her out, he was shocked to find a hook lodged in the door handle. Needless to say, they were very lucky that night.

Story Two

The man with a hook-hand who is stalking young lovers seems to have taken on a life of it's own. Or is that a death of it's own? Sometimes the boyfriend isn't so lucky! Take this one for example:

Two young teenagers are totally involved with each other at a wooded area, near a lonesome highway. Suddenly, a special announcement alerts them to the fact that a convicted killer had escaped from the local prison and was armed and dangerous.

The girl insists that they leave and the miffed boyfriend finally agreed, realizing that it was a dangerous situation. He first had to relieve himself and told his girlfriend to lock the doors and don't, under any circumstances, get out of the car.

When the boyfriend didn't come back, she decided to drive the car and look for him before leaving. Soon, she discovered that the keys weren't in the car and they must be in his pocket.

She began hearing terrible scraping and screeching noises and huddled up in the back seat. After a long and fearful night sitting in the car, daylight broke and she decided to make a run for it to the highway nearby.

After leaving the car, she took a look back and saw that her boyfriend was hanging from a tree above the car and his shoes were scraping against the roof.


Hooks seem to hold a fascination with horror stories. Perhaps because it's an undesired oddity and also it makes a useful murder weapon.