shadow of a man

I remember having a huge Halloween party and my Granddad came in to tell me and my friends a true story that left us terrified.

One night in August, a man named Joseph woke up in a cold sweat after having a frightful nightmare. He went into his en-suite bathroom to get a drink of water. As he drank it out of the cup, he gazed out of the window to look at the lawn he had mowed so perfectly earlier on that day.

As he was about to turn around to go back to bed, he saw a strange shape creeping towards his house. He poked his head out of the window to see what it was, and saw a man carrying a coffin on his back. He shouted at him, asking what the hell he was doing. As the man with the coffin lifted up his head, Joseph fell back in shock. The strange man looked like himself and was even wearing the same clothes as Joseph. He ran to his bed and fell asleep in an instance, only hoping he was in a dream.

When he woke up again in broad daylight, he ran to the window to see if the vision he had last night was true. Luckily, the man had gone. So, as Joseph saw it, it was a dream. But then at a second glance, he saw one of his slippers just behind his shed. He sharply turned his head around to where his slippers he wore last night were meant to be, but they were both there.

Totally confused, he got dressed as quickly as the speed of light, sprinted into his car and shot down to the shopping centre. He walked very briskly past the shops, not bothering to go in. He was still trying to figure out what was going on. Even though he was looking at the floor, he saw someone walking in the opposite direction to him, wearing the same suit as him, with the same face.

This time, Joseph didn't look away from the man, but neither did he. Then, just as Joseph was about to turn into a shop, the man collapsed into a very disfiguring shape. He yelled in shock, but what he thought was strangest, was that no-one else seemed to take notice of this worrying man. It looked as if they couldn't see him.

In a deep matter of shock, Joseph ran to the nearest elevator, not taking any notice of the bellboy. "What floor sir?" asked the bellboy. Just then, Joseph saw the bellboy. His face was too familiar to even think about. Sure enough it was Joseph when he was 10 years old. Out of the elevator, and up the stairs, this was the fastest Joseph had ever ran.

Finally, he got home safely, slouched himself on his sofa, and turned on the TV. There, on Channel 6 news, was the lift that Joseph was in only a few minutes ago. But crushed. The lift had failed... and fallen... 80 feet down... killing all of the passengers. Joseph watched in heartache, the FBI remove all of the bodies. But no bellboy was everr in the lift.

By Kayla Ireland