Halloween Party Planning Ideas

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Are you trying to organize the best Halloween party that will be talked about for weeks after your special event?

Don't fret... Here you'll find fresh tips from party planning to Halloween ideas that will guarantee your guests have fun. Depending on how much money you want to spend on supplies and how much effort you're willing to put into it, the more of these ideas used -- the scarier your party will be.

Mix and match tips to fit your preference and check your haunted house or party setting over for any hazards your guests may run into. For a safe Halloween party, plan ahead and remove any possible dangers.

Party Tips

Halloween parties make a great alternative to trick-or treating. For an incredible, well-put together Halloween party, it's best to make arrangements well in advance. Here's some party planning tips for a terrifying good time.

Send out Invitations

Get your party invitations out 1-2 weeks before the party. To avoid any confusion, clearly state instructions about themes, costumes, and when the party ends.

Have Adult Supervision

For children, adult supervision is necessary for safety reasons as well as preventing any property damage. Adults can help with the party and enforce rules, while the guests have fun.

Have a Camera Ready

Take pictures and arrange them in a photo album or to show your guests after the party. Better yet, Buy a huge photo album and add pictures every year, after your annual Halloween Party. It's hilarious to watch how the costumes evolve over the years.

Another idea is to have someone take Polaroid pictures of each guest as they arrive. Give everyone their pic as they leave your party in remembrance of the occasion.

Have a Backup Plan

If you're planning your party outdoors, be prepared for inclement weather. Have other arrangements ready at a moments notice.

Get Help Decorating

Allow some guests to arrive early and help with the Halloween decorations. This will ease your workload and add some creative minds.

Supply Food & Candy

And plenty of it. What's a party without goodies? Try dressing up your food to look like gross things such as eyeballs, body parts, etc. Make the punch look like blood.

Hand out Party Favors

Don't let the kids leave empty handed. Hand out gifts to game contest winners and make up some party favor bags with Halloween candy.