Halloween & Harvest Recipes

Creating a menu for your Halloween or Harvest Party? Our collection of recipes has creepy concoctions and tasty treats that will be a big hit with ghosts and goblins everywhere.

If you're looking for traditional harvest recipes, you'll find some casseroles and fun snacks here that are perfect for Thanksgiving or a fall fling. The dishes are not only colorful, they're easy to make and kids will love 'em. Lets get cooking!

iconApple Salad
You'll love this recipe for a delicious apple salad that you can serve as an appetizer, side dish, or dessert.
iconBasic Cookie Dough Recipe
This recipe is for versatile dough that can be used for cutout cookies and decorating with candies for Halloween parties.
iconBaked Pumpkin Squares
Don't miss out on the flavor and nutrition of pumpkins when carving your jack 'o lantern! Pumpkin squares are perfect for a yummy snack or party treat.
iconBloody Peanuts
Who woulda thought peanuts could be so good? These peanuts are coated in BBQ sauce, baked, cooled, and ready to serve. Easy!
iconChex Snack Mix
This recipe will help you make a traditional party favorite for guests with the munchies.
iconCornbread Recipe
Forget basic bread! Cornbread is the ideal addition to a harvest-time meal.
iconDeviled Eggs
Deviled eggs are not just for spring or Easter! They are a welcome addition to any holiday meal and can be modified for a healthier choice.
iconFrozen Hand Recipes
Creep out your guests with a little extra something added to the Halloween punch!
iconGhoul Ade Halloween Drink
Here's a cheap recipe for a ghoulish brew of unsweetened Kool Aid, sugar, water, and soda.
iconHarvest Corn Bake
The whole family will appreciate this seasonal combination of corn and Swiss cheese.
iconHarvest Potatoes
This hearty casserole is a personal favorite that adds pizzazz to shredded potatoes.
iconHealthy Halloween Treats
Fear not. Here's a list of healthy treats you won't be frightened to hand out to little ghosts and goblins.
iconHomemade Caramel Apples
Make some irresistible treats with luscious red apples dipped in creamy caramel sauce.
iconKitty Litter Cake
Your friends will surely be grossed out when you present them with this cake that's nothing ordinary. The visual may send them running in the other direction but the taste is oh so sweet!
iconNo Bake Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars
With only five ingredients, these bars are easy to make and are a big hit with peanut butter lovers.
iconPopcorn Balls
Pop up some popcorn and make some traditional popcorn balls for trick-or treaters or a school party.
iconLow Fat Pumpkin Bars
You won't know notice that anything's missing in this low-fat treat because the ingredients are scrumptious and you still get frosting!
iconPumpkin Dip
This dip has rich pumpkin flavor and will compliment fresh fruit such as apple and pear.
iconRoasted Pumpkin Seeds
Our craving for pumpkin continues with these instructions for harvesting and roasting pumpkin seeds.
iconTrail Mix Recipes
Take your pick from this batch of trail mix recipes for your next party snack.