Halloween Scavenger Hunt Ideas

girl with magnifying glass

Are you up to the challenge?

A scavenger hunt is probably one of the most popular party games on Halloween. Not only does it get your guests out and about, it gives them the opportunity to show off their costumes. These tips should give you some good ideas for planning your own creepy scavenger hunt on Halloween. Save your ideas and lists for future hunts or swap them with friends and neighbors next year.

Pick a Theme

You can use individual themes for your hunt, such as vampires, mummies, etc. The scavenger hunt list can be according to the theme. For example, a vampire theme would have items such as a wooden stake, cross etc. Keep in mind that specific themes will limit your list.

Identify Teams

After dividing your guests into teams, allow them to chose a team name. Fun names such as "The Monsters," "The Mummies," and "The Ghouls" will make the game more fun.

Use Your Yard

If your scavenger hunt is for children, you will probably need to limit the hunt area. Consider using your own yard and hide the items on the list outdoors. Make sure your yard is clean and safe. Don't leave any rakes or objects laying around that they may trip over and make sure you provide adequate lighting.

Alert the Neighborhood

Whether the hunt will involve the neighbors or be limited to your own yard, it's best to let the neighborhood know that you will be having a scavenger hunt on Halloween, and the approximate time it will be. This way, they can be available to answer the door for items and they won't be alarmed at any ghouls roaming about near their backyard.

Supply Flashlights

Hand out flashlights with fresh batteries to your participants. This will make it much easier for them to navigate and help assure their safety. Look for inexpensive ones in the Halloween seasonal department at your local discount stores.

Supply a Halloween Bag

Give each team some type of sack or bag to put in the items as they are found. Be creative and have them decorated Halloween-style.

Take Pictures

Take pictures of your teams before they leave. If your team members are teenagers or adults, let them take their phone and tell them you need at least 5 pictures as part of the list. They can be of any part of their hunt that they choose, or have the entire list be of specific items that you have chosen. These could be items hard to bring back, such as a scarecrow or huge pumpkin.

Award Prizes

Present prizes to the winning teams. How many places you want to award is your choice, but the teams will all put forth effort so consider a cool grand prize for first place and unique gag gifts for the other teams. This way everybody wins something.

Make a Scrapbook

Assemble a scrapbook with the pictures you receive back and document any special events that occur during the hunt. Write the year, the winner(s) and prizes. Have your photos on display for next year's Halloween party and bring back some ghoulish memories.