Spiders in Hair


Spiders are one of the scariest, most-detested creatures known to man.

Urban legends play on that fear, further reinforcing that hatred. There have been various urban legends involving spiders for decades and every now and then, a new spider story emerges. Usually the spider is nesting in a human body-part, or someone's hair.

The hair stories involve a hairstyle that is difficult to wash without ruining the hairdo, such as those big bouffant hairstyles which were popular in the 1950's, braids or dreadlocks. Consistent with these stories is the "victim" complaining of headaches or an itchy scalp.

The most common tale involves a teenage girl who, keeping with the current hairstyle trend, would continue to rat and style her bouffant hairdo without shampooing it. As she persisted in styling and applying hairspray, she noticed a spider clinging to a strand.

Apparently, she didn't think much of it at the time, but did complain of an itchy scalp. Later when she died, it was discovered that hundreds of baby black widow spiders had hatched and delivered dozens of fatal bites.


There was a woman about thirty years old who would always wear her hair up in a big bun, in layers on top of her head. She never took her hair down at all. Whenever it should have been washed, she just put hairspray on it. If her head itched, she would just spray it again. For one week, her head itched like crazy, but all she did was spray it with more hairspray.

Then one night, she died. When police had found her, her hair was still up in the layered bun. When they were getting her body ready for the funeral, for some reason they hadn't put down her hair. One woman who was helping get the clothes on the woman said, "I bet she would look pretty with her hair down". So, as the woman and two other people took down her hair, they found tons of baby spiders and fleas in her hair. They had eaten through her skull to where the brain was showing.

Dreadlocks Infested with Spiders

Another similar urban legend has a young man with dreadlocks leaving the barber shop prematurely because the barber was clipping into his scalp while giving him a haircut. Later, when he died, it was discovered that hordes of spiders had infested his hair and were continually biting him.