The Dark Character


When I first heard about Bloody Mary, I got excited. I told my friends about it but they didn't seem to care.

I asked them to help me summon her and they said "yeah-yeah"... but they didn't! I am the only one who likes these kind of things so I was going to try it on my own. I was headed to the bathroom with a candle when I stopped because I didn't dare to do it alone. Incidentally, I have seen someone in mirrors, and it's always the same character I see every time.

One time when I was at my buddy's house, I stopped in front of a mirror hanging in the hallway. It was almost midnight and the hallway was dark. I looked closely in the mirror when I noticed that I almost couldn't see my face anymore, it was like looking through someone else's glasses. Then, I saw this huge, shadowy character, at least two meters tall. I looked closer in the mirror and this dark character was right behind me! I quickly turned around. Nobody was there.

I looked at the mirror again. Nothing wrong this time. Then unexpectedly, I almost blacked out. I had to sit down and breath slowly. The guys in the living room were wondering what happened. I said it was nothing, because they would laugh at me if I told them the mirror nearly made me black-out.

I've seen it, again and again. No ball of light, no girl, no bloody faces or babies. No stairs, no teddy bears. But the shadowy, dark, huge character is standing behind me every time I look into a mirror in dim light! Maybe I will try to summon Bloody Mary, I'm almost convinced that she will appear or this thing stalking me will appear. But I need to wait until my friends gather some courage... I just don't dare to do it alone... - By Pellikan