Ghosts in the House

woman ghost

It all started when I was about six years old. My family and I moved to a house in Lyndhurst, New Jersey.

A two-story home on the a street called "Page". The house was beautiful... on the outside. What was held within was the scary part. At first, there wasn't much to notice, just footsteps and a few sounds. Then things began to vanish or break.

My brother and I were at the ages of six and seven, so we were often blamed. Next were the doors. While laying on the bed, my door (it was a plastic sliding door) came off its hinges and began to flap violently. Soon, it became a nightly thing. It was back on it's hinges the next morning, so naturally my parents didn't believe me. That was it, for a awhile.

Next, were the ghosts or spirits. My brother woke up one evening and discovered a ghostly figure levitating an inch above his face. The figure was of a woman wearing a white dress who called herself "The woman in White". My brother and I kept a journal to depict everything that happened in the house.

One day, I was sitting on a couch and was suddenly thrown to the ground. It felt like some kind supernatural force had slammed me to the ground. I was held there for a few minutes. I tried to push myself up but again I was pushed down. This ghost had a different feeling from the "Woman in White," it felt evil. After my sister was born, everything cooled down, for a little while.

My brother watched a dark figure of a man come down upon him and pummel him, causing bruises on his stomach, back and chest. The figure called himself "The Man in Black". My brother tried to show the ghosts to my mother but they vanished every time he tried. We both were thrown from our beds. We were hit more often as we got older. Three years after my sister was born, she asked my brother, my parents and I who the lady by her crib was the night before. My parents did not know, but my brother and I did. - By Saman