The Castle of Grevlin Hill


1946 - Grevlin Hill used to be a great knight's castle. People would pray to him at night, just like they prayed to God.

Every moment he spoke to the crowd, he said, "I listen to all of your prayers at night in bed". Nobody expected this, but one night, his maid walked in and dropped her tray at a hideous sight. His head was detached and blood surrounded him. "How and why had this happened?" the people asked, but no answer was given.


The castle of Grevlin Hill still stands, yet not as a castle but as an orphanage, one of the luckiest orphanages ever. Katlen, who was new there, thought the world of the orphanage and loved it dearly. Even so, she didn't want to stay. Not because of the spooky atmosphere, but because of her need for parents... a family... a place to get warm dinners and great, smashing beds.

One night, Katlen needed the toilet. She didn't care that is was dark and spooky, or that the bathroom was way on the other side of the castle. She just got up for the journey. On the way, she saw something in the corner of her eye. She turned around to see a man holding his head. He looked at her and said "Go on, scream and run". Katlen seemed to find this funny as it didn't even cross her mind to do that. The dead knight asked, "What are you laughing at?" She straightened up and told him why she was laughing. "So you are not scared?" the knight asked. "No," Katlen said. "What's the point? So you're dead. Who cares?" The knight quickly shot back "Well, a lot of people care. They do worry!"

She saw that he was confused, and to think about it, so was she. They talked a bit and got to know each other. Then one night, Katlen asked him how he died. He looked to the ground and said "Suicide. I chopped off my own head". When she asked him why, he said "Because I didn't want to be stuck around here". She asked "Why not somewhere else?" He said "I was thinking about that but then I realized that I lived here my whole life and didn't want to be here no more. I mean live anymore. God didn't like what I did and punished me. He said I have to stay in this castle until a girl says, "I love you." Immediately, she said "I love you" and he disappeared. - By Bradley Archer