Haunted Hotel 13

door 13

We all know that the number 13 is considered to be unlucky. What's interesting is the hotel that has 13 suites.

Occupying 13 floors are 13 suites with 13 rooms, which is one suite per floor. This means that the top floor is the 13th floor, with 13 suites and 13 rooms. Are you unlucky if you rent that room?

Well, the Humphreys were unlucky, but they didn't know it just quite yet. They traveled all over the country looking for a hotel until they found the perfect one. The problem was, there was only one room left, the one on the 13th floor. Of course, you know what that means.

The room was rumored to be haunted, but the Humphreys didn't believe in ghosts. Without hesitation, they took the hotel suite for a week. That was £500 out of their £5000 lottery win. They didn't mind, but were somewhat irritated when the hotel clerk warned them that they didn't give refunds and started laughing, "HA, HA, HA, HA!"

When they reached their room they found it absolutely gorgeous. It had the most comfortable armchairs and two king-sized beds. For their pleasure, there was a Jacuzzi and a large bathtub, big enough for two people. A dream come true.

The couple couldn't wait to try out the bathtub together and the man ran to start the bath. He didn't bother to put in any bubble bath because he knew his wife was allergic. Two minutes later when he went back to check the bath, his wife heard a loud, high-pitched scream. She ran to see what was the problem was and saw her husband standing next to the tub, staring into a bathtub full of blood. They didn't dare pull the plug as they didn't know what else could be inside of it.

Instead, they went to the hotel manager. When they returned with the manager, all of the blood was gone and the bathtub was spotless, as if not even a fly had landed on it and left a stain. The manager said that if there were any more pranks like this, he would have to phone the police.

After they got back from a romantic dinner that night, they fell asleep instead of engaging in the frisky fun they usually do when they are all alone in a hotel room. However, their peaceful sleep was interrupted when they were suddenly startled in the early hours of the morning by a screeching scream.

They went into the living room to find the lampshade zooming across the room, the large plasma TV turning off and on, each time on a different channel. Whispers were heard, then laughter. Before they could react, a giant wardrobe flew into the air and knocked both of them unconscious.

They woke up in a hospital room and told the police everything. Their story really did sound unbelievable. How could they prove anything when the door was locked and there were no broken windows? Given the hotel's reputation, they decided to have some ghost hunters look into it.

The next day, they all went back to the suite on the thirteenth floor. It was discovered that the room was haunted by thirteen ghosts, all pure, evil poltergeists. Fishy, ay? They researched the hotel's history and learned that it was built on a prison for criminally insane and uncontrollable psychopaths.

The hotel moved to a different place and now has sixty floors with only five rooms in each, six rooms on each floor. This way, nothing is impossible. The hotel building they left behind is now ruled by ghosts and everyone fears to enter it. Others who tried have died of fright as soon as they got back out. - By Bradley Archer