The Ouija Board

ouija board

John was only twelve years old when he discovered the mysterious ouija board in his attic.

He didn't even know what the bloody thing was, which is why he decided to take it downstairs and ask his parents about it. They were watching a reality TV show at the time, but he was about to interrupt. He walked in there and showed them the board. "Where on earth did you get that board?

Drop it, drop it immediately," screamed his mother with a shock on her face. John explained where he found it and his mother looked at Paul, his father. "Molly Dear, I told you I was puttin' it in the attic, you know how nosy our son is. Why did you send him up there?" moaned the father with disapproval voice.

The next day he got it out and showed it to his friends. He was surprised to learn that they knew what it was. They started playing around and suddenly the room got very cold. Things started moving on their own. Just then, John lifted off of the floor, levitating. He was flying around the room, frantically screaming for his life. His mother and father came rushing in, grabbed the board and threw it out of the upstairs window, so it would smash on the concrete floor.

Their life never was the same from then on. Strange this kept happening, things got moved, others were still levitating in the house, John's mates never dared to enter the house again.

The family finally decided on exorcism but unfortunately, it didn't work. Reluctantly, they were forced to move out of the house. Nobody ever saw or heard from John again, for he moved from Scotland to Kent, and that is a very long distance for ghosts or demons to travel. OR IS IT? - By Bradley Archer