A strange man lived at 142 Hackker Road. There was something weird about this road.

All of the houses seemed the same. Every bush was in the same place in every garden, not even a leaf out of place. Just looking down the street gave people the shivers. Everyone hated it, even the owners of the houses. Thousands moved in and out each month. My sister and I have placed bets on how long people will stay before they move out.

Sometimes people cut off a bush or pull a leaf and it will be back there the next morning. Strange, except the man on the far end, left side of the road didn't care. People even say that he liked living in a place where everything is the same. It may be just stories, but who knows? Every morning at 7:30 to be exact, he would leave home for the daily newspaper. He would return every morning at 7:45 on the dot. That was the only time he left his home and the only time anyone saw him.

You know me, I'm always suspicious. I thought to go and check it out. I walked up the garden path to look through the window. I saw him get up, walk through the hallway, into the kitchen. After that, things got weird, really weird. First the television started floating in the air, then swirling around and around, then the table and chair. His cup of tea spun, faster and faster, not spilling a bit. I ran as fast as I could, my heartbeat thumping with pain. I didn't know what to think, and then it came to me, POLTERGEIST.

I went to the local library to find information on the house. I found out the whole street was built on an orphanage that had blown up in the middle of the night. Nobody knows the cause of the explosion, it just happened. I went back and knocked on the man's door. I asked if by any chance his house was haunted. I then told him I found a book that said the house was built on an orphanage bedroom. The man said "You better come in".

I sat with a cup of tea and biscuit as he explained, "I also found that book when I went for walks down to the library. I don't go anywhere now, except to get the paper. Anyway, I thought I should raise the ghosts so I can have some friends to talk to. I used the Ouija board and it was only afterwards that I discovered that the spirits were evil".

I found myself confused so I pointed out that they were only kids and orphans. The man replied "Yes, but if you read the entire book you would have read these words: AS MUCH AS IT BEING AN ORPHANAGE, IT WAS A MENTAL INSTITUTE. THE GOVERNMENT BRANDED IT MENTAL, FOR MENTAL ORPHANS". After those words, I RAN LIKE NEVER BEFORE. - By Bradley Archer