The Silhouette


A newlywed couple were coming back from their honeymoon in Ibiza and they decided to stay in a motel.

They checked into room #32 and as they were about to leave, the receptionist turned round to them and said "When you enter your room, lock all doors and windows in the room"! They thought it strange but just to be careful they locked all windows and doors.

As they were getting ready for bed, they heard a "TAP TAP TAP" on their room window. They got scared and the husband checked their window and saw a black silhouette. He got creeped out and went back to bed and switched the TV on. There was a newsflash! "If you are at the Blackburn Motel, shut and lock all doors, and if you look out the window and you see a black silhouette, DO NOT look at it's face as you will be cursed forever!"

The couple got pretty scared because they were staying at the Blackburn Motel! Later, they both fell asleep but the wife woke up and heard the same "TAP TAP TAP" and went to look out the window. She saw the silhouette and looked at it's face! SHE WAS CURSED!

The husband awoke just in time to see his wife holding an axe to his face! He screamed but it was no use. Seconds later, he was dead! Police came to investigate the murder but his body was gone with only the bloody axe left behind! - By Cupcakescary