Short Stories by Bradley Archer

There's no question, Bradley loves writing short stories. Whether it's re-telling an old legend, his attraction to strange occurrences, or something that he pulled from his own mind, his stories provide some good, thought-provoking fun.

iconIt was midnight and old Mr. Nobody was walking down Parks Lane in Barking. Mr. Nobody wasn't his real name, everybody called him it due to him being a "nobody". He had thick eyebrows and wore a scarf, brown shoes, and small, half-moon hat. That night was the last time he was seen. No one saw him leave. His car was still at home. No bus had picked him up, not even a cab. He couldn't have gone far, he was old and walked with a cane. He just disappeared. My mate swore it was true. Many people have said they saw an old person hanging around Parks Lane, but when they looked back, he was gone.
iconA young boy tragically died in a train accident. Actually, he jumped in front of the train on purpose, so it was suicide really. He was sent to hell for this disgraceful act. The devil despises people who commit suicide and punishes them harshly. The boy's punishment was to be reborn, but this time, he is to be the devil's child. He must do horrible deeds to ever be able to return to hell and have the life as royal emperor.

When he was reborn, he decided that he didn't want to be an emperor, so he did good deeds instead. This made the devil angry and he came up to earth personally and used special powers against the boy. He was killed again and sent to heaven. God praised him for his good work of defiance against the devil, something most people are afraid to do. The boy is a natural hero.
iconA family of three lived in a big mansion in Scotland. Each night, the family would go to bed at 9:00 sharp. Most people thought this to be really early, but to this family, it was really late. One night, they forgot to put out the fire in the open fire space. It spread quickly and the family was found dead after the fire. Still, they woke up the next morning. Well, each day is the same for them. The day will always be June 28th, 2006. They always wake up on that day, as they can't remember it being any other day. Not only did they become ghosts, they become ghosts that have short-term memory loss. How unfortunate. From then on, they didn't do anything but get up and wander around the house like they would have done that day if they didn't die. How unfortunate.
iconIt was 9:30 at night and George and John where hanging around outside with Kelly. They were headed up to the library and saw the big sign which read, "Closed at four o'clock, enter after dark if you dare". They thought it was funny that they put up the signs and figured it was due to cameras catching them. Boy were they wrong. They entered the library which wasn't even locked. They were walking around the high shelves when they saw a light. They walked up to it and saw that it was a lady wearing a dress. The lady turned around and revealed one side of her which was totally burned. The other side looked as if she had been paper-cutted to death. What they did next was ran. They still have nightmares every night and it happened five months ago.
iconOne time I was locked in a bin shed (a kind of rubbish place) and I saw a white light in the corner of my eye. When I turned around, I saw my granddad who has been dead for four years. I wasn't shocked because this has happened before. I fainted that time. This time he said that everything was OK and somebody will find me in five hours. I was wearing a watch so I could tell if he told the truth. Five hours later, exactly on time, a man with his dog opened the shed to put rubbish in. I always look up to my granddad now and pray every night.
iconMy mum and dad had to go out at the last minute and it was the first time being on my own. I was watching TV when I heard a noise from upstairs. I left the living room to see what was the matter. I went to the stairs to see a man holding a knife saying, "I killed my wife and kids and now its your turn". At that moment my mum and dad came in and the dead man disappeared.

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