What Scares You?

skeleton Fears, phobias, Halloween, oh my! We asked everyone what their biggest fear is. Not what bothers them a little bit, but what really scares them the most?

We put the answers here and ended up with a page that's almost too scary to read!

icon Hearing noises outside when I'm home alone at night and realizing that the doors aren't locked! By Erin
icon When the power is out in the house and everything is lit by candles. Scary shapes and weird shadows seem to come to life under the glow of a candle. By Pamila
icon Howling wolves on a moonlit night. I'm a Native American living in mountainous dark, pine forests and fear for my family when the strange wolves howl and meet in the nearby open fields for some mysterious purpose! By Charley
icon I always get scared when I hear someone calling my name but there's no one else in the house. By Kisa
icon I am afraid of dying. By Ceren
icon Bloody Mary scratching my eyes out. By Jacob
icon When I'm home alone and the lights go off! By Yash shirbhate
icon What scares me is reading stories and hearing stuff afterwards. Also I think I saw Bloody Mary laying on my bed once, she never hurt me. I think she's my Guardian Angel. By Catie
icon I am very scared of spiders! (Arachnophobia). By Someone
icon Hearing strange noises or loud noises after I've watched scary movies. By Rachel
icon What scares me? Murders! By Jacob
icon When going to bed, I sometimes read scary stories, and then when I look out my window I think I see things moving. The next day when I'm home alone, I hear someone calling my name and feel like someone else is in the room watching me. By Sydne
icon I know it's silly but I'm scared of dots. By Isabella
icon Being alone in a dark room. I start imagining things. By morsy wade7
icon I am scared of my mum and cockroaches. My mum is the real fright. By jyotishna
icon Being taken by someone in a white van, then thrown in a basement, shackled in chains, and whipped by the creepiest old man ever. Trapped with that man for more than an hour would be torture. By octobur1
icon What scares me? Murders! By Jacob
icon School. Nothing ever made my heart beat faster than forgotten homework or the result of a test. By Diana
icon I am scared of SHARKS. By Sadie
icon What really scares me, is walking home from school alone. The sky is dark, misty and full of thunder and lightning. I'm walking down a long, dark alley. I'm aware of everyone and everything looking at me. I quicken my pace when I think I hear someone behind me. By Robyn
icon I have coulrophobia (fear of clowns), fear of the dark, and fear of spiders. By Morgan
icon When I wake up in the middle of the night and go to the kitchen for a drink of water. All the lights are out and I feel like someone is watching, following, or chasing me. By Haunted Gal
icon When things surprise you. When things happen with a backstory. And ouija boards are scary! By Gabrielle
icon When I hear someone walking behind me and I turn around and nobody is there. And when out of nowhere I swear I see a shadow, but as soon as I blink its gone. By Amaris
icon I'm scared of being in the dark with a mirror. I always think somebody is behind me. By Jennifer
icon When thunderstorms knock out your power, and a strange man knocks on your door and asks "if he can stay a while". Later on, he decides he wants our house. The next thing you know, we're all dead, lying at the bottom of a lake and our house is for sale. By Homeboy417
icon The laughter of children makes me happy always, unless it's midnight, the lights go off and I don't have kids. By Lina
icon A zombie invasion would scare the crap out of me. By Yash
icon Clowns and ventriloquist dummies. By Joyce
icon My neighbors. By Cathy
icon The dark, horror movies, sharks. By Martha
icon My school playground. When I'm there alone, I always hear people calling me. By Annaliese
icon After watching Coraline, I am afraid of lalaloopsys! By Spookygirl
icon I'm afraid of clowns and freaky opossums. By Abbie
icon I'm scared of spiders and ghosts. By Jamie
icon I have latrophobia, which means I am absolutely terrified of anything related to the medical field. I start sweating, hyperventilating and my heart beats super fast. By Ashley
icon Creepy pictures, dim light with nobody home. near a mirror, and B.M. *shudder* By Clara
icon It's a dark night you hear a howl. You hear a very scary whistle. You try to run but you die. By Nina
icon Going down a dark hallway by myself. Also, seeing alligators close up at the zoo. By Siddah
icon George A. Romero is my biggest fear. By Ataru
icon My bathroom at night. The door is always open and I have to cross the doorway to get to my room. I always feel that something is chasing me while I can't see it. By Anonymous
icon The woods outside my house, if it will ever call my name or kill me while me and my brothers are playing. By Zeeart
icon I'm scared of a lot of things. But most of all, I'm scared of spiders, hills, heights, and paranormal stuff. By Madison

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