Zombie Walk


What is a zombie walk?

It’s an organized event where a mob of people dress up in zombie costumes, complete with blood, gore, and wounds and shuffle the streets on a predetermined route. Most zombie walks are scheduled around Halloween and get the attention of those that wish to participate or simply observe the apocalyptic nature of the crawl.

Zombie walks are very popular in large cities across the United States, where it’s an annual tradition and interest is high. Every year, more and more "zombies" join forces to create an almost movie-type atmosphere where only the dead can roam. Where else can you disguise yourself to look absolutely disgusting and fit right in?

Planning a Zombie Walk

There are several ideas for planning a zombie walk. First, you must decide on the purpose of your walk, whether it’s to raise funds for a charity, increase awareness, or just for fun. There are also several variant names, including zombie crawl, shuffle, and zombiefest. A zombie run (i.e.: poker run) may be descriptive enough to define itself as a charity event even though the reality is, it will be in slow-motion. How ironic is that?

Charity zombie walks usually have an entry fee and may also collect donations. You can also sell raffle tickets or have a costume contest with prizes. You will need publicity for it to be a success. The earlier you begin planning, the more likely you are to pick up sponsors. Advertise your walk via newspaper, flyers, radio, and anywhere else you can. Social media is another method to keep everyone updated and add information and pictures.

Consider an open house zombie invasion and pick your hours. Allow zombies to come and go at their leisure. That alone will get zombies out and about for public viewing. Alternatively, you can choose a route with a meeting place and a post-party at the destination site. These are more controlled walks and you can also add a cast characters such as riot police and survivors with a script at certain checkpoints.

Always have a backup plan for inclement weather. Perhaps a pub crawl for adult zombies to go bar-hopping if it rains. Another idea is a “dead area” where there’s a zombie party with no living creature allowed. Whatever your choice, get permission from the proper authorities and involve every business along your planned route if possible. After all, there is safety in numbers. Or not.