Halloween Campus Murder


As this urban legend unfolds, a prominent psychic on a TV talk show predicts that a mass murder on a college campus will take place on Halloween.

While this story isn't true, when it emerges every few years, it sends many college students flocking home for Halloween. The original psychic in this story was Jeanne Dixon.

Now, the legend usually involves a "well-known" or "famous psychic". The talk show I've heard it pertaining to most was the one hosted by Geraldo Rivera. Other talk show hosts include Oprah, David Letterman, Johnny Carson, Montel Williams, and Phil Donohue (in the legend's older days). When the legend revives itself, it refers to modern talk shows, so more hosts will undoubtedly be added to the list.

After much thought, the psychic refers to the campus in clues, then reveals the actual college campus she believes the murders will take place. Other details are given, such as the murderer (an enraged student, teacher, or escapee from the local insane asylum).

The murder weapon is always an object that will inflict much damage, such as a butcher knife or an axe. This always causes more panic and reminds one of a scary Halloween movie taking place in real life.

The number of college students being killed is anywhere from 10-18 and sometimes states it will only be female students killed by an ax wielding maniac in a Little Bo Peep costume. Later versions of this tale have the murderer wearing a scream mask. This gets your imagination going, doesn't it?

More stories then circulate to frighten non-believers of the original urban legend. They tell of campus parties or dorms where students defied the psychic's advice and were then butchered in the wee hours of the night. They often give details of a large Halloween frat party on campus where the college students acted like, well, college students.

When this hoax gets going again, there will likely be more students and parents frightened by the new "modernized" details, which seem to add credibility to a classic Halloween urban legend.