Halloween Contact Lenses: Safety Tips

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Wanting to have the most stand-out Halloween costume of any of your friends?

It’s all about the accessories! Anyone can go as a devil or an angel, a cat or an alien. But if you use the perfect accessories, your outfit will be noticed above the rest. And just what is the perfect accessory? Halloween contact lenses!

With special effect contact lenses that can change your eye color or iris shape, or totally color your whole eye, you will definitely be turning heads and getting attention. From lenses that are shaped as cats’ eyes and alien eyes, to complete black out lenses giving you a vampire look, only your imagination limits you.

As with normal contact lenses however, you need to be aware of some simply safety steps when using Halloween contact lenses. To begin with, always consult your eye doctor before purchasing or wearing special effect lenses, to ensure your eyes are healthy enough for lenses. You should receive information from your eye doctor about the best way to handle your lenses but to give you a head start here are a few safety tips.

  • Always wash your hands with warm water and a mild, fragrance-free soap before putting your lenses in or taking them out.
  • Keep the fingernails on the fingers you use to insert the lenses, short and clean. Long fingernails might scratch your eye or damage your special effect lenses.
  • In between using your contact lenses, store them in approved contact lens solution. Never try to make your own saline solution or use tap water, as this is not sterile and can introduce bacteria to your lenses or eyes.
  • Use a correct storage container for your lenses. Most approved contact lens solutions include a storage container with them. Keep the storage container tightly closed when your lenses are in it, and leave the container open when you are wearing your lenses.
  • Change the contact lens solution every time you wear your lenses.
  • Special effect contact lenses are produced with an expiry date on them. Check this date, and once it is reached, discard the lenses.
  • Never share your special effect contact lenses with anyone else. You can pass bacteria between your eyes and their eyes, increasing the chances of getting an eye infection.

If you stick to these simple tips, you can have a lot of fun wearing Halloween contact lenses!