Halloween Costume Buying Tips

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Buying a Halloween costume can be intimidating, whether you know what you want to be or not.

If you already have an idea, then you'll want to look for the best quality costume for your money. If you don’t know yet, you will want to do some browsing. Here are several options and buying tips to help you find the best Halloween costume for your money.

Where to Look

There are many places to find Halloween costumes. First, check out local stores that have seasonal Halloween departments with costumes, makeup, and decorations. These costumes are reasonably priced but are not the best quality. Still, they are a good value for children's costumes because they may get ruined and most likely will not be worn again by the same child.

Another local option is a specialty Halloween store that may only open for business in August or September through October. These stores are large with a good selection of costumes and accessories. They also have an online store so if you see something you like that's not in your size, you can still get it if you order at their website.

Consider consignment shops, Goodwill, and other secondhand stores. Again, more local options. These stores are prepared for Halloween and have all of their merchandise consolidated. If you don't find a complete costume at one of these places then you can find many clothing and accessories to put together your own costume. Need ideas, check out our Halloween Costumes Page.

Similar to a Halloween specialty store that sells costumes, some cities are lucky enough to have a rental store that rents out full costumes and accessories. Fees can be steep so it's up to you to decide whether it's worth buying or renting your Halloween costume.

Shopping Online

If you shop for your costume online, there are several things to keep in mind. As with any store, online or not, it's best to choose your costume early for the best selection in styles and sizes. This gives you more time if your costume is shipped and you need to return it for a different size.

When considering which website to buy your costume from, check out and compare the location of the physical store or warehouse, shipping costs, size charts, return policies, and customer reviews for individual costumes. Sites that provide detailed pictures and are easy to navigate will make your shopping experience easier.