Frozen Hand Recipes

punch drink

Don't use regular ice cubes to keep the Halloween punch chilled, creep-out your guests with a frozen hand in the punch!

There are 2 simple options to this recipe. Hint: We like recipe #2.

Recipe # 1

  • 1 rubber glove with no lining
  • 1 qt. water
  • Food coloring -- This can match the color of your punch, or stick out like a sore thumb (Pun intended)
  • 1 bread twist or rubber band


Add the food coloring to the water, mix, and pour into the glove. Tie it off tightly with the twisty or rubber band. Place on a flat surface (that will catch any drainage) and freeze the glove until it's solid. Remove the glove and place in the punch before serving.

Recipe # 2

This option is simple but it's going to match the color of your punch because all you need to do take some actual punch and freeze it in the glove. This option is tastier than frozen hand recipe #1 since the punch will not dilute when the hand melts.

Another variation of this is to simply freeze some Squirt or Mountain Dew into the glove, which adds a more realistic look to the hand. Make sure the flavor compliments the punch.