Top Haunted Houses in the United States

haunted house

Every year, as Halloween inches closer, venues across the country make it their business to bring on the chills and thrills and basically scare the pants off of paying customers.

If you’re one of those fearless types who love to be frightened, here’s a handy list of seven of the most popular Haunted House attractions in the country. Give them a try, if you dare!

13th Floor - Chicago, IL

13th floor takes haunting to new heights with effects put together by top set designers out of Hollywood and New York. These folks go above and beyond to create an environment that is all encompassing, literally making the customer part of the action as costumed actors interact with you in mind-blowing ways.

The Bates Motel - Philadelphia, PA

This attraction actually comprises both a traditional haunted house, designed to look like an elegant but eerie Victorian mansion, and a Haunted Hayride that takes you through the chilling dark forest of Arasapha Farm. It has consistently been rated as one of the top scares in the entire country.

Cutting Edge Haunted House - Forth Worth, TX

An experience like no other, this one takes place in an actual 100-year-old meat packing plant. As customers travel from one floor of the plant to another they quickly realize that business has gotten quite grim indeed, with humans now being processed there. The ultra realistic human "victims" are guaranteed to put a scare into even the most stoic fright fans.

The Dent Schoolhouse - Cincinnati, OH

Set in an actual abandoned school building, this attraction features everything from a prom perpetually frozen in time to a cafeteria serving rotten food. The entire attraction revolves around the legend of a murderous janitor who started killing off the students in the 1950’s and is so real you feel like you are walking right in to a horror movie!

Erebus – Pontiac, MI

Michigan is known as the haunted attraction capital of the world, with over 70 haunts in a 50-mile radius. Still, despite the competition, Erebus manages to stand out with floor after floor of grotesque sets and props, which have all been designed and built on site in order to make the scare unique.

The 13th Gate – Baton Rouge, LA

The 13th Gate features a 30-minute walk through 13 different settings, including the foggy streets of London and the lost city of Atlantis. Next door is its sister site, Necropolis 13, which is an outdoor replica of a New Orleans Cemetery that includes some one-of-a-kind scares you’ll find no place else.

Pennhurst Asylum – Spring City, PA

Rated the scariest haunted attraction by both USA Today and Hauntworld Magazine, this is an attraction like no other. Set in the actual 1908 administrative Building of the old State Mental Institution, this attraction takes you into the very heart of real madness. It’s actually four hair-raising attractions in one, set in various parts of the building, including the tunnels that run underneath it.

When it comes to Halloween haunting, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Check in your local papers or online to find out what’s near you or if you’re really brave, why not take a tour of the best the country has to offer? Either way, you’re guaranteed to have a creepy good time!