Healthy Halloween Treats

box of raisins

Great news! Although kids expect candy and chocolate bars on Halloween, there's several health(ier) alternatives that won't disappoint.

We all know that fruit is nutritious but parents are reluctant to let their children eat it due to tampering concerns. What else is there?

Try individually wrapped foods that taste good and aren't loaded with sugar.

Here's our favorite Halloween handouts for trick-or-treaters. They aren't perfect but they're much better than traditional junk treats.

Cereal Bars

Fruity flavors make cereal bars a popular snack for all ages but they're not all created equal. Read the labels. Look for whole grains, fiber, and real fruit.

Pudding Cups

Those little pudding cups pack a punch. Sugar-free or reduced calorie servings still offer that creamy texture and rich flavor that provides instant gratification.

100 Calories Packs

You've seen them everywhere. Chips, crackers, and cookies. 100 calorie snack packs typically aren't nutritious but they help with portion control and satisfy the munchies.

Microwave Popcorn Bags

Popcorn is always a treat but who really needs all that salt and imitation butter? No worries. Just hand out bags of light popcorn or those 100 calorie mini bags. Movies anyone?

Sugaless Gum

It's not bubblegum but it's much easier on teeth. Handing out sugarless gum will ease your guilt and parents will appreciate one less piece of candy to worry about.

Hot Cocoa Mix Packets

These single-serving packets don't have to be sugar-free but it's a wise choice. They're inexpensive and available in different varieties of chocolaty goodness.


Raisins are often overlooked for Halloween treats but they're full of natural sweetness. Hand out those mini boxes and you may have kids coming back for more, those sneaky little devils.

String Cheese

Kids love cheese! What's great about string cheese is that it's individually wrapped and available in light, low calorie, and low-fat versions. Not bad, not bad at all.

Mini Boxes of Cereal

Yes, they're the same mini boxes you loved as a kid. Nothing's changed except that they're more difficult to find. Don't give up. Some stores that don't usually stock them will get some in for the Halloween season. Grab 'em while you can.

Gift Certificates

You can't be certain how they're spent but chances are, the parents will have input. Fast food restaurants now have healthy alternatives and if the trick-or-treaters make the wrong choice, it's on them.