How to Make a Scarecrow


Traditionally, scarecrows were set up in gardens and fields to keep unwanted birds, particularly crows, away from the crop.

And for years now, people have been making scarecrows for their annual autumn Halloween decorations. Instructions are easy! Homemade scarecrows can be quite fashionable and eye-catching autumn decor.

Choose bold colors and set up a display with corn stalks and bales of hay. Get creative, get the kids involved, use your imagination and make a scary scarecrow! The more menacing he looks, the more of a conversation piece he will be.

Supplies Needed

  • Long-sleeved shirt
  • Old pair of pants or jeans - preferably with patches
  • Old pair of socks or boots
  • Gardening gloves
  • Straw or old hat
  • Plenty of baling twine or string
  • Safety pins
  • A pillowcase, burlap, or a pumpkin for the head
  • Fiberfill, newspapers, rags, or straw for stuffing
  • Pencil, paint and markers for face
  • Stakes (optional)

Scarecrow Assembly

To assemble your scarecrow, firmly tie the ends of the pants and sleeves on the shirt and stuff them with your choice of stuffing. Stuff the socks and gloves and tie on the ends. Fasten the socks (or boots) and gloves to the pants and shirt on the inside with safety pins (or bent paper clips). Tuck the shirt into the pants.

If you're using a pumpkin for the head, it's best to carve it into a jack-o-lantern to take off some of the weight. It will take some wire to fasten it. A pillowcase works better and is far easier to attach to the body. Use a pencil and draw on the face. Follow up with the paint and markers to give him facial features. Then stuff the pillowcase and fasten it to the body with safety pins.

Top off your scarecrow with a hat. A straw hat gives it a classic look. Fasten the hat firmly so it doesn't blow off on windy days.

You can sit your scarecrow on the bales, or prop him up against them. Consider attaching him to some stakes with a hammer and nails to have him in an upright position.

Now, give your scarecrow decoration a name and enjoy. When the season is over, store him in a dry place for next Fall.